BOUNCE-BACK BRITAIN? – Guido Fawkes – Politics Article

BOUNCE-BACK BRITAIN? Prime Minister Boris Johnson will this week unveil a package of measures aimed at getting the UK economy moving again. But will his “decade of investment” on schools, hospitals, prisons and transport work? Are massive infrastructure schemes the best way to stimulate growth?  What about sweeping tax reforms?  Or ridding the UK of stifling regulation? All this and more will be discussed when the IEA’s Syed Kamall is joined by Matt Kilcoyne, of the Adam Smith Institute, Duncan…

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REBOOTING BRITAIN – Guido Fawkes – Politics Article

REBOOTING BRITAIN A new report from the IEA and CIVITAS outlines a range of deregulatory and tax-cutting measures that could drive the UK’s post-pandemic economic recovery. Julian Jessop, co-author of REBOOTING BRITAIN – How the UK can recover from coronavirus, says many have argued the crisis has demonstrated the need for permanent increases in government intervention and public spending – but this would be wrong: “The state has had to step in to protect businesses and jobs while the economy…

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