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J. K. Rowling’s Birthday — Kellie-Jay Keen-Minshull’s Billboard Removed – Politics Article

J. K. Rowling in New York City, 2016 (Andrew Kelly/Reuters) Today is J. K. Rowling’s birthday. Until recently, the author was most famous for writing Harry Potter, the best-selling book series in history. These days, though, she is more famous for her alleged “transphobia”; i.e., her statements about the biological reality of sex and women’s-only spaces, which have sparked the ire of transgender activists and extremists. To celebrate her birthday, a woman’s-rights campaigner, Kellie-Jay Keen-Minshull, paid around $1,600 for an…

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Ten Things That Caught My Eye Today: On Anti-Semitism, J. K. Rowling & More – Politics Article

The passing of Gertrude Himmelfarb, who died on December 30th at the age of 97, is a loss felt keenly by all who had the good fortune to know her. To family and friends, she was known as Bea Kristol, and embodied character and decency, good humor, and good sense. To Americans with an interest in our … Read… This is only a snippet of a Politics Article written by Kathryn Jean Lopez Read Full Political Article

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Transgender Politics: Vox Accuses J. K. Rowling of Transphobia – Politics Article

J. K. Rowling in New York City, 2016 (Andrew Kelly/Reuters) Our very special friends at Vox, which with dry wit describes itself as “a general-interest news site” whose “mission is simple: explain the news” have just indicted J. K. Rowling on a charge of “transphobic B.S.” Vox poses the following question in a tweet: Did J.K. Rowling just destroy the legacy of Harry Potter with a single, transphobic tweet? https://t.co/K8CgiBeRRZ — Vox (@voxdotcom) December 19, 2019 “Destroy the legacy of…

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