Karen Bass, Susan Rice Rise As Biden’s Search for V.P. Nears End – Politics Article

Ms. Bass has also waged a previously undisclosed campaign to woo influential liberal leaders, telephoning union presidents to seek their counsel and support. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is close with Ms. Bass, whom she named to oversee the recent policing reform bill, and has made her admiration clear in private conversations, including with former President Barack Obama. Ms. Pelosi’s aides said she has not conveyed support for any one candidate, is fond of a number of them and, in speaking…

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Buttigieg, Sanders and Warren Debate: Free College for Some or for All? – Politics Article

A new policy debate is brewing between the left wing of the Democratic presidential field and Pete Buttigieg, a more moderate candidate, over eliminating public college tuition — and the dispute has scrambled the usual rhetorical lines. The Democratic field is largely united in calling for free college tuition in at least some circumstances. But left-leaning candidates like Senators Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren want universal programs, meaning public colleges and universities would be free for anyone, regardless of income.…

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Democrats Increasingly Vocal in Calling ‘Medicare for All’ a Political Liability – Politics Article

“The politics are horrible for the Democratic Party, that’s my judgment,” said Ms. Heitkamp, who lost her seat representing North Dakota last year and is now heading up an effort to win rural voters. “We’re making the issue about our plan rather than what the president has or has not done.” Senator Sherrod Brown of Ohio, who has said it would be a “terrible mistake” for the party nominee to support Medicare for all, is urging Democrats to embrace a…

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